Friday, February 11, 2011

Step 7. Markup—Model Document for Assembly

Task: Prepare document for assembly by replacing client-specific information with text variables and options that can be automatically configured to client-specific needs.

Once the form has been reviewed and edited, it may then be marked up for automated document assembly. Some firms may automate the document using commercial software, such as HotDocs, DealBuilder, Exari or BrightLeaf; others may utilize a Microsoft Word macro to quickly conform a document to specific client needs.

The automation steps may include:
  • Links to online clause libraries
  • Links to online practice guides deliveries through a Wiki
  • Tools to automate selection of alternate clauses and optional language with Word macro
For those firms that have not developed a macro, kiiac will release a Word automation tool into the public domain in late February. This macro has the capacity to handle text variables (names, dates and amounts, etc.) optional text and questions. It is hoped that by releasing the code under a General Public License, readers will propose new features, and some firms or developers may assist with further development.

When the macro is released, a link will be added to this blo post.

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