Monday, February 14, 2011

New Web Site--Contract Standards

KIIAC LLC (KIIAC) announces the launch of, a web site that seeks to collect and share global contract standards, document automation tools, and provide a framework for collaborative development. The site’s mission is to openly share contract standards—transaction analysis, checklists, and clause libraries—in an effort to establish global contract norms. It is hoped readers will share their knowledge through comments, practice guidance and other contributions.

Contract Standards will also develop and share document assembly tools. The initial suite of tools is provided by KIIAC under a General Public License. All participants are invited to suggest new features, propose support for different platforms, or enter into a discussion of document automation in the legal profession. It is further hoped that some individuals and organizations may contribute development resources to further refine the tool set.

The site will feature a “clause-of-the-day” showing the standard clause language determined by statistical analysis of documents filed on EDGAR, together with a range of clause variations.

Please visit the site. Better still, contribute.

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